Engaging SEO Content
for Health and Wellness Brands
that Want Higher ROIs

Writing engaging SEO copies that convert goes beyond slapping fancy words and marketing cliches on a page and calling it a day. 

You must first understand your client’s pain points, then make a mood match, and finally, present your solution in a way that appeals to their emotional and logical faculties.

Only then do you have a higher chance of closing a sale.

Death to Guesswork

For your healthcare business website to rank on google and continuously get in front of the right audience (potential buyers), you need conversion-focused SEO content that’s rooted in research — not guesswork.

SEO Copywriters that drive results don’t guess. We research, then we take action.

I am Joseph Olu, an SEO Copywriter for health brands that want to be found by buyers on search engines.

I’m not a rookie in this game. And I’ve got a flexible process that works for me and my clients; ready to be adapted to any project of yours.

Fun Fact: I’ve got a content marketing certificate from Hubspot, a digital marketing certificate from Google, and I’m AWAI-trained.

So if you’re looking for someone who can help get you in front of the right people on Google, generate quality leads, and skyrocket sales, then it’s time we worked together.

See some of my medical, health and fitness, and wellness copywriting services below.


Website Copywriting Service

Are you aware that fundamental SEO is crucial to your website's indexing and ranking on google, and that some keywords convert more than the others?

I will conduct a thorough and painstaking research for profitable and buy-now keywords in your niche.

Then, armed with these keywords, I will craft SEO and attention-grabbing titles, descriptions, and main pages contents that'll drive long-term traffic for you.

SEO Landing Page Copywriting

Did you know that it takes just about 8 secs to make an impression on a prospect? Oh, that's your headline's job.

There's a popular saying in marketing that 80% of your marketing budget goes into your headline. But what happens when your copy doesn't attract and convert the right people?

With my expertise as an health and wellness SEO copywriter, I will craft high-converting SEO sales and landing pages content guaranteed to convert.

SEO Content Writing Service

Statistics has shown that as at the end of 2020's first half, 77% of internet users read blog posts to gather information about a product they're looking to buy.

Furthermore, a research by Hubspot proved that businesses that blog generate 126% higher lead growth than businesses that don't.

But if you truly want better sales and higher ROI through blogging, you must do it right. I offer an all-round blogging solution that involves developing a keyword-based content strategy that will rank and convert casual visitors to regular buyers.

Targeted Ads Copywriting

Did you know that PPC ads, on average, should bring in up to 80% ROI? If your ad campaigns aren't yielding this much, then, something is definitely wrong somewhere.

I offer a full service of conducting the research for buy-now and profitable keywords used ONLY by your buyer persona, and then craft an engaging ads copy with a powerful CTA that'll get them to take action.

Along with the copywriting service, I will also give you directives on how your ads could be better targeted at JUST the right audience to increase CTRs and conversion.

Sales Newsletter Copywriting

There is money in the list.

Sounds cliche? Maybe.
But while those words may have lost their remarkable effect on the senses, they haven't lost the truth woven firmly into their fabric.

As at 2019, Email marketers report an average of 4,200% ROI. That's £42 on every $1 spent. Astonishing, isn't it? But it's simple logic. People who give you their mails have decided to frequent your business.

Despite that logic, though, you still need regular, engaging newsletter copies that resonate with your audience, build trust when you're not selling, and close sales like it's no man's business.
Guess what? I can craft those newsletter copies.

Why You Should Work With Me

I am a Specialist

I am a healthcare copywriting specialist. Besides copies, I regularly write health-related articles; in fact, I run a publication on Medium. Besides this, I keep myself abreast of the latest tips and trends both in healthcare and in marketing.

No Hierarchical Communication

You’re working with me, and I’m working with you. So you won’t see or hear collective pronouns like “we”, “us”, or “our” from me in our conversations. Except if those pronouns refer to you and me.

Because of the absence of hierarchy, there will be neither delay nor misinformation in developing and executing your SEO content marketing strategy, writing your ads copy, or crafting your landing page content.


I am not a healthcare SEO copywriting agency. I am a health and wellness copywriter.


Blackhat and format-based one-size-fits-all SEO strategies won't cut it. You need good practices and research

Whitehat SEO Just For You

I tried SEO blackhat tactics like automated link sharing, keyword stuffing and cloaking, and sneaky redirects in my learning curve. I got quick ranking and traffic, but I got tanked in the end. 

So all I’ll do for you is whitehat. Free of craft and the muck-job of feeding keywords to your pages to replete.

What’s more, my SEO copywriting services aren’t format- and template-based. Instead, they are born of research, and yours will be just for you.

Membership Package
Dedicated Office Package
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