SEO Article Rewriting Services For SaaS and Health Firms

Article rewriting services
Article rewriting services

Have you noticed that your old articles are losing rankings on search engine result pages? That’s normal since newer and better articles and blog posts have surfaced on the internet.

What you should know, however, is that rewriting and updating old articles have immense effects on your business. Neil Patel of Ubersuggest was able to more than double his traffic by updating old contents, and Tim Soulo at Ahrefs was able to increase a page’s traffic by 486% just by re-editing that piece.

Updated articles are much easier to rank than new ones because they’re already on the web. Once search bots notice that they’ve been updated with newer information, it quickly moves them up the ranking shelf.

Shun Article Spinners and Rewriting Tools.

The only type of article rewriting you can get from spinners and rewriting tools is the one where sentences are rephrased and words are substituted with synonyms.

The main problems with such articles are:

  1. They often contain errors. Due to synonyms substitution and word reshuffling, the main message is often miscommunicated or overshadowed with grammatical and semantic errors.
  2. You lose search rankings. Rewriting an article with spinners affects every part of the article. Including the keywords used in the piece for search rankings.
  3. No added value. Spinners and rewriting tools won’t add new information to the piece. They’ll simply reword and rephrase.

Why Hire A Professional Article Rewriter?

There are several benefits to hiring a professional to rewrite your articles. Some include:

  1. Professionally crafted piece with a human touch and a blend of intelligence.
  2. There’s no random word substitution with synonyms. So your message isn’t miscommunicated.
  3. A professional Article Rewriter will research the latest studies and updates about the topic to make it more relevant and valuable.
  4. Fresh search engine optimization if your article Rewriter knows SEO.

The Best Article Rewriter For Your Business.

While looking to hire an Article Rewriter, lookout for certain skills in your soon-to-be writer. The most important one being SEO.

  1. Does the rewriter truly know SEO and its best practices? If not, your article will suffer in the hands of search bots. And instead of ranking, it gets thrown into oblivion.

By profession, I am an SEO copywriter. That means I’m up-to-date on SEO, so I can move your old articles higher on SERPs, and I can rewrite them to help you convert better.

  1. Does the Article Rewriter know about the topic or at least, knows how to research for newer updates to the topic? The purpose of rewriting old articles is to update it with newer information. Not to puff it with fluff.

I am a SaaS, Health, and Wellness SEO copywriter. As long as you’re in either of these niches, I’ve got you covered. Being a specialist, I am an insider in my market. And will make sure you get the best version of your web contents.

  1. Does the writer know about content marketing and lead generation? If the article you’re trying to update is one that has to do with lead generation and conversion, the person you want to hire should be someone who knows and lives content marketing, lead generation, and demand generation.

This is basically what I eat, drink, think, and live. I won’t just help you rank. I’ll help you convert visitors.

Still need further convincing? You can order a website content auditing for content gaps before we dive into the main course.

Don’t Dull Things. Hire My Article Rewriting Services Now And Boost Old Articles To Google 1st Page.