SEO Copy for
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Do You Need a Freelance Health
and Wellness Copywriter?

Monthly retainer or one-off project? I’ve got you covered. Know what you want? See the health and wellness copywriting services I offer below. Not so sure? Contact me or connect on LinkedIn. Let’s talk.

Do You Need a Freelance Health and Wellness Copywriter?

Monthly retainer or one-off project? I’ve got you covered. Know what you want? See the health and wellness copywriting services I offer below. Not so sure? Contact me or connect on LinkedIn. Let’s talk.

Web Copy Review

Website conversion falling short of your expectation? Something's probably out of place.

To get the desired result from your website, you need copy that not tells your story or what you do. You need one that tells your story in a way that appeals to the senses and to search engines. Fortunately, I can craft them for you.

What you gain: conversion-focussed copy, On-page SEO, better ranking on search engine result pages.

Full Website Copy

Starting a new website? Get it right form the ground up with a concrete-solid foundational SEO.

Connect me with your web developer from the outset, and let us work hand-in-hand to not only deliver a stunning website, but a Search Engine Optimized website that attracts the right audience and converts faster.

What's in it for you: conversion-focussed copy, On-page SEO, better ranking on search engines, awesome foundational SEO.

Landing Page

Your landing page is as important as the product you're selling because it decides whether you sell or not.

Hire me to craft optimized, engaging and conversion-oriented landing page copies that will attract potential buyers and keep them glued to your page till they click "Place an Order".

What you gain: Lead generation, conversion-focussed copy, increased conversion and sales, more money in your account.

Product Description

Selling on ecommerce websites? Your product title and description will decide whether you make 10 sales a day or a sale in 10 days.

Hire me to write a comprehensive and search engine optimized titles and descriptions for each of your product. Trust me, you want ones that connects to the readers, not just a robotic piece of text that repels humans and hides from web crawlers.

What you gain: conversion-focussed copy, index on search engines, higher conversion = more sales = more money in your account.

Ads Copy

Are you a strong believer in PPC and direct response ads? You belief is not misplaced. That said, there's more to ads than text.

With ads, you need strict targeting — to ensure you attract the right people, captivating title — to grab a searcher's attention, and engaging description — to whet their curiosity and ensure higher click through rates (CTR).
Want the whole shebang? I'm your guy, and I'm just an email away.

Your gain: massive CTRs to your landing page, lower cost per click, less money for higher traffic.

Email Autoresponder Series

Got new customers in your mailing list? Be swift in engaging them before they forget you. And do it right lest they go looking for the unsubscribe button.

With my expertise in copywriting and storytelling, I will craft engaging newsletter series designed to build stronger trust and relationships between you and your customers.
You'll constantly be in their memories and because they trust you, you'll close sales more easily.

Your gain: engagement with your customers, build trust, sell easily.

Content Marketing Strategy

A carefully developed unique content marketing strategy to make sure you never run out of topics and blogging ideas; boost popularity and brand awareness; generate leads; and bring more sales.
When properly executed, you'll get multiple bangs for your buck.

What you gain: conversion-focussed content strategy, conversion funnel-oriented content calendar, you'll never run out of topics to write about, lead generation, demand generation, and conversion.

Article & Blog Posts

Already have a content strategy or calendar waiting to be executed? No problem. Bring me in, let me handle your articles and blog posts.

I will create engaging and error-free content (short-form and in-depth articles) optimized both for search engines and human consumption.

What's in it for you? Higher ranking on search engine result pages, passive traffic to your website, builds authority, builds customer trust, and eventually, more sales.

Guest Blogging

One of the best practices in blogging is by guest posting on authoritative blogs and publications in your niche. This earns you backlinks, publicity, and respect in the industry.

Hire me to get your business published high-authority blogs, and you'll be opened to a new era sales and conversion.

What you gain: quality backlink to your website, new eyes on your content, lead generation, brand awareness, builds authority, off-page SEO.

Case Studies

Consumers looking to buy a new product often check around for existing evidences of the effectiveness of that product. It could be in form of reviews or case studies.

I follow a set of logical and inoffensive steps to interviewing your existing customers and turn this information into a superb case study guaranteed to give you a positive standing in your customers' heart.

The result? Better conversion and money more into your account.


A picture is worth a thousand words. This is true in all senses.
Graphics are very engaging, and people love them. They also receive more shares than text.

Whether you want to repurpose old contents, or you want new content in the form of graphics, I got you covered.

Hire me to handle all of your infographic needs. Rest assured, you'll get the best quality.

What you gain: shareable content resulting in brand awareness and lead generation.


Did you know that company brochures are effective for small businesses as much as they're effective for large businesses? Well, now you do.

If writing your company brochure is an activity you've been postponing, I can definitely help you with it.

With my razor-sharp storytelling and copywriting skills, I will help you craft a very immersive and conversion-oriented company brochure that will keep existing customers coming back, and develop interest in a new audience.