My Process For Producing Compelling SEO Content That Drive Leads For SaaS and Health Brands

Hello there, my good-looking, awesomely intelligent future client. So you’d like to learn about how I walk my talk to reach the promised destination — driving you higher and better traffic that will increase your sales. No problem.

The bright side for me? Now I know I’ll be working with a curious human who likes to know what he’s getting into.

Fun fact: research has proven that curiosity is part of the traits that make up an intelligent mind.

Not to waste the day away rambling about curiosity, below is my transparent, carefully developed, and time-tested process for delivering copied that attract prospects like the banana attracts the monkey.

1. Learning

health and wellness copywriter

— About you and your business. Particularly your unique value proposition.

— About the situation that warrants you needing me.

— About your previous efforts.

— About your ideas concerning the project (if there’s any).

— About your goals.

— About your desired outcome of the project; and

— About your budget.

If you’d be contacting me through the website or answer my brief questions first, you’d come across questions asking you to supply many (if not all) of the info listed above.

What you get: A warm introduction session with the guy that’s about to help cause a shift in your marketing and sales. And a chance to ask him questions concerning your fears about the project.

Next on the line, we have:

2. Research

health and wellness copywriter

There are 2 things I don’t do here:

  • Poach ideas.
  • Rely on guesswork.

Armed with the knowledge from 1 above and my hunting kit, I’d throw my cowboy hat on and set out to hunt for a holy grail for your business.

— I’ll look at your website.

— I’ll look at your audience.

— I’ll identify obstacles and find ways to swiftly evade them or knock them off completely.

— I’ll identify opportunities and find ways to maximize them.

— Then I’ll put together a proposal and a quote for the project and send them over to you.

What’s in it for you: fresh eyes on your business. New perspectives, maiden ideas, and a solid plan aimed at the bullseye of your goal.

Don’t like the proposal? Send it back for revision and identify segments you find questionable. Else, we’ll move to the next stage:

3. Action

health and wellness copywriter

Once you approve the proposal, it’s time to get our hands dirty.

You’ll connect me with your designer in case we need to come up with graphical concepts.

If the content page requires special design, you’ll also have to connect me with your developer so we can rub minds to develop the right copy for each page.

What you get: a well-crafted first draft persuasively conveying your message.

After this, we move on to:

4. Editing

SaaS SEO copywriter

You run the draft through your in-house editors and proofreaders (or whoever looks at your content before it goes live) for comments, and you give me your feedback without holding back.

I’ll discuss the piece with you, telling or showing you the why’s behind each segment. And then get back to work making the necessary edits based on your comments.

Once you’ve got a satisfactory draft, we can then go live.

What you get: a straight-to-the-point publish-ready piece free of fluff and buff, optimized for search engines and scaled for human conversion.

Then we move to the next step:

5. The Launch

SaaS SEO copywriter

You pull the trigger, and the crowd goes wild.

You’ll watch over the coming weeks as the content moves up the SERPs, generate qualified leads, and get them to do what you want using a powerful and irresistible call-to-action.

What you get: awe as traffic, leads, and sales shoot to the sky. And a strong drive to put me on upcoming projects.

Then one last step, albeit conditional:

6. Split Testing and Further Tweaks

SaaS SEO copywriter

For landing pages, website copy, and ad campaigns, you share the data you’ve collected with me, I analyze them for leaky spots and weak points. Whatever tries betraying our goal is removed, and the whole content is optimized till you get the best version of your copy.

What you get: variants for real-life split-to sting and support from a result-oriented SEO copywriter devoted to multiplying your ROI.

Ready to kick into action? Shoot me an email.