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So you need a product description writer. By now, you’ve probably figured that merely listing your product’s exceptional (likely unique) features won’t get you enough sales to achieve your business goals. That’s why guys like me exist, you know. To get your product selling like pizza.

Now you’re probably making a few sales on Amazon or eBay now and then. But you know you can sell higher than that. Worse? You see your competitors selling more than you do.

If seeing thousands of customer reviews on your competitors’ products (knowing that there are several other buyers who didn’t leave a review) downs your countenance and makes your heart sob, then you need a conversion-savvy product description content writer by your side.

What Makes A Good Product Description Content?

Making use of effective communication tactics,

  1. A good product description content should be able to grab a prospect’s attention and keep them hooked.
  2. It should reveal to them what makes your product unique: your unique value proposition.
  3. It should tell them what amazing benefits your product has for them.
  4. A good product description should tell them how your product can help solve their problem.
  5. It should communicate effectively without making silly repetitions.
  6. It should be properly optimized for various buy-now keywords to bring more sales from search engines.
  7. Finally, a good product description should be able to get a prospect to take action. Be it to buy instantly, add your product to the cart, or bookmark the page. Without conversion, the copy is useless.

Should You Hire A Freelance Product Description Writer?

It depends. Who writes your product copy isn’t all that matters. Other things matter too: the number of products you sell at the moment, the number of products you intend to add, and how often you intend to update your product chain are other factors you should consider too.

The way I see it though, none of your employees is a copywriter (except if you’re a huge firm with an in-house copywriter), so asking them to write your product copy will yield slightly different results than when there’s no product content at all.

If you want massive sales and jaw-dropping ROIs, hire a professional copywriter for your product content writing — freelance or full time. Just make sure you hire a copywriter who’s passionate about making you money.

Amazon Product Description Writer or A General Writer.

If your goal is to space-launch sales on your e-commerce, steer clear of a general writer. They’ll only concoct a badly mixed antidote for your zero-sales problem.

Amazon Product Description Writer? Errr, confusion. There’s no special expertise in writing descriptions for products showcased on Amazon. The only required specialty is the art of writing copy that sells, and a burning desire to boost your sales. So you need a copywriter.

And if you want the best package, go with an SEO copywriter (which I am) because they can help you research the right keywords to help your product rank on search engines. Irrespective of the platform — Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, or whatever.

You don’t have to be suffering from low sales before you hire a copywriter to handle your product content writing. Think of it this way:

If a product content that is written by you, a non-expert in writing persuasive copy, can bring you a thousand sales, how much would it have made if an expert had written the description? You’d likely have gotten about 4x of that or more.

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